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Reply to Alan Cohen:

I think that "2699" would only be "2nd June 1899" if there was punctuation between the month, day, and year parts of the date... -- and if dates were written as in today's UK (as opposed to today's US -- where the 2nd of June of 1899 would be "June 2, 1899" or "6/2/1899" or  (perhaps -- during the 19th century) "6/2/99".

(It would also be an unusual coincidence (although not nearly impossible) for the (I assume couple) to have died 4 years apart on the asme date of the Gregorian calendar (June 2nd). )

I believe that it would be helpful if Ms. Barch (in the US State of Florida) could at least explain what else (besides the names and the numbers) was on the "piece of paper" where the names of Abram and of Mejta -- and the numbers "2696" and "2699" were found (Was this an official document (if so, from which government, and for what purpose?) ? What other information was in the document other than these 2 persons' names and the 2 numbers? Was anyone else listed on the "piece of paper? Was this a census, or passenger manifest, or some other kind of list?? (Or does/did the "piece of paper" just contain the 2 names and numbers? (If it is possible to know:) Who created the document? Are the names and numbers printed, stamped, or handwritten?) -- to have clues as to the context of the numbers, and (better; if possible) if Ms. Barch could somehow scan (and enable others to view online) the part of the "piece of paper" on which the 2 names and the 2 numbers were found.

I do hope that more information about the "piece of paper" can be shared -- because otherwise, stating what the 2 numbers signified would probably only be guesswork -- I think.

Good Luck to Ms. Barch.

Ethan W. Kent (in New York City)


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