Re: Looking for Herman/Hyman Wayler on ships manifest #general #lithuania

Sherri Bobish


Unless Herman's nat papers have attached to it a certificate that the manifest has been found (this is not done on earlier naturalizations) than I suggest you assume that the ship name and/or the date of arrival is in error.

Also, do not limit your search for a manifest to NY.  He may have arrived at another port (even through Canada.)

My grandfather and all his siblings arrived in NY in 1892.  I have the passenger manifest.  On their naturalization papers only one of them got the ship name correctly.  One listed a name of a ship that hadn't even been built yet in 1892.

Have you searched for surname Wayler in records from Kovna (Kaunas)?

A quick search at the above site (using soundex search for the surname) finds variants such as:  WELLER, VELER, FELER, etc.


Sherri Bobish

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