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Lisa Lepore

Hi Joan,

The intent of trees such as those at Geni, and the ones at is to create one big tree where everyone connects to everyone else.  So, even if it were possible to replace your tree with the one you want, at some point the others can just add on to it again.  The problem with these types of trees is that some people are very careful with their research and are truly interested in connecting with the distant branches of their families.  Unfortunately, there are also many who are not careful, or who do not respond when you contact them.  In some cases that have been discussed here, unfortunately there are those Mormons who persist in adding Jewish people to their religious ceremonies, even though their own church has asked them not to do this.  I had some changes made to my familysearch tree by a man who answered very vaguely when I asked him how he was related to me.  He first said his wife had done it, then he didn't remember, then he stopped communicating with me.  He still makes changes to some of the people, so I'm not really sure what's going on there, and I wondered if it was related to some of these overzealous people baptizing everyone they can document?   Since I don't follow their beliefs, I don't think deceased people can agree to anything, so it's meaningless to me.   

Once you set up a public tree at one of these "one big tree" sites, this is a problem that will continue.  The only thing to do to avoid it is to keep your tree on your own computer, or find a site where you can post your tree and keep it private, or let people look at it but not add to it.  You can do this at myheritage & at ancestry, and there are probably other places I am not familiar with. 

Lisa Lepore
Mendon, MA

On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 12:45 PM Joan Parker <parker5850@...> wrote:
I've been following this thread and wonder if this suggestion might be viable... or if I'm  being very naive. Since one cannot eliminate bad stuff added to their tree (I too had the ex-wife's family of my nephew added by  Randy Schoenberg.  It was just there one day and I have no interest in her or her family).  Her branch is not on my Ancestry or  My Heritage trees.  Can one make a gedcom of their other  tree and DL it to Geni as an upgrade to their Geni tree?  Would this eliminate all the bad stuff? Or is this just too simplistic?
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