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tzipporah batami

Vivian I would like to introduce a different opinion here. The dispersion and destruction of the Holocaust I feel should make an exception to privacy laws. For many this is scholarly or research on ancestrieos which is meritorious. For some this is still a search for birth cerificates because these archives do not respond to survivors claiming those records are in basements. If you could request that the time period of the Holocaust birth and marriage certificates be included it would be appreciated. Also I am wondering if you are also including those records from towns like Michalovce which was not part of Hungary since 1918 and when one contacts Slovakia they claim it was not same country. Or they dont answer. Or provide the basement excuse. To clarify I would consider Holocaust time period to start from the rise of Nazis in power, the late 1920s. I think living survivors would prefer access over privacy. Thanks for considering my idea and entertaining a broad response. And a reply.on whether Michalovce is included. Thanks so much.

Feigie Teichman

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