Re: Geni Family Trees - Privacy and Baptism Concerns #general

Stephen Katz

I'm grateful to Bill Katz (no relation, as far as I'm aware, but hey, who knows) for his thoughtful and detailed exposition of his bad experiences with I have had had the same horrid experiences. I naively started a geni tree in the very early days of my adventure in genealogy. At some point, I realized that it had essentially been hijacked by others, who were adding all sorts of rubbish to it. When I delved into geni's policies, I became aware that when you put a tree on that site you lose control over it. I did not contact geni as Bill did, so I did not receive the unacceptable response from geni "support" that he did -- which included the appalling accusation that he'd "vandalized" his own tree! As I've said before in this forum and others, whenever anyone asks me about genealogy websites, I advise them to avoid geni at all costs.
To a poster who advised reading a site's policies before adding a tree to it: sure, one might eventually glean from the site's turgid and opaque policy recitations that someone who creates a tree on geni loses control over it, but how many prople have the time, inclination, or ability to do this? This is, indeed, what this and many other sites rely on to effectively hide how the sites actually work, and why the EU and other jurisdictions have felt the need to address it.
Stephen Katz

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