Blumenthal, Pritzwalk #germany #scandinavia


I search information about Moritz BLUMENTHAL born 1835 May 16 in Pritzwalk, Brandenburg, Germany. He emigrated to Stockholm, Sweden c. 1855-60 where he obtained citizenship. He married 1877 a divorced Swedish woman, Anna Maria Natalia Wingstedt, nee Schönbeck, and had with her five children. He also adopted her three children of her earlier marriage. He died in Stockholm 1893 April 20. He seems to have been some sort of a businessman.
I have found three people named BLUMENTHAL born in Pritzwalk: Cäcile Blumenthal CHRON, b. 1818 March 24, d. 1909 Feb 14; her sister Johanna BLUMENTHAL b. 1821 Nov 16, d. 1900 Sep 1; and their father, Israel N. BLUMENTHAL d. in Pritzwalk 1854 Feb 24. The sisters could possibly be sisters (or cousins?) of Moritz. Hopefully somebody could give me some information about the Blumenthals in Pritzwalk.

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