Re: Geni Family Trees - Privacy and Baptism Concerns #general


It depends, I guess, on what you mean by "genealogy". Some people think that it is somehow impressive to generate trees containing 50,000 people of variable accuracy with all of their 7th cousins.

So what? These are all a meaningless and uninteresting waste of time. At that level you might as well include everyone in the world.  

There are many many issues here that are beyond this thread, including the theft of data about people that are of no real possible interest to the people posting this stuff apart from a macho "big tree" mentality that actually conveys no insight at all. 

However I will mention one issue: you say somewhat disparagingly that "Sadly, some people think genealogy is about hiding yourself and your family." 
Firstly, 7th cousins are not "your family" in any meaningful sense (I have many tends of thousands of 7th cousins). But more importantly, not everyone lives in LA,CA. Sometimes posting tghis sort of information places people you really don't know at substantial risk, including risk of death right now.  

This is not what genealogy is about or should be about. It is bad genealogy. The real tools of genealogy are a note book and a pen and a young person willing to interview their grandparents for private family use. Not garbage and incorrect trees of my family generated by people I couldn't care less about. Geni is hardly the only perpetrator of this type of malfunction - Jewshgen has not exactly covered itself in glory in terms of non-correctable and stolen data. 

Dr Aubrey Blumsohn

Sheffield, UK

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