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On 10/28/2020 3:04 PM, Dan Bodenheimer wrote:

Bill, you wrote that someone, "told me his goal was to 'memorialize'
Holocaust victims." and that "this is a term used by the Mormon church
to designate a ceremony in which Jewish victims of the Holocaust are
baptized by the Mormon church."

I do not agree with your premise, as I have a goal of "Memorializing"
Holocaust victims so that they are never forgotten, so that we have
pictures of real people, and so that we all can see that relatives
linked to us were lost. All this makes it more real, and solidifies the
fact that this should Never Happen Again.  I use the term memorialize,
and it has nothing to do with the old LDS baptism issue from many years
ago, which they refer to as "posthumous baptisms" or "proxy baptisms",
not memorials

In accordance with a 1995 agreement, the LDS has removed more than
300,000 names of Jewish Holocaust victims from its databases, as well as
subsequently removing names later identified by Jewish groups in more
recent years (2012).

Additionally, MyHeritage is an Israeli company, headquartered in Or
Yehuda, Israel, and it owns and operates GENI.
FamilySearch is run by the LDS and was a spin-off from that
and is headquartered in Utah.

Dan Bodenheimer
San Diego, California
I suggest you read the following article:

Mormons are baptizing Holocaust victims, Lubavitcher rebbe and relatives
of celebrities, researcher says

They didn't stop.

Jeri Friedman
Port Saint Lucie, Florida

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