Help Translating German Holocaust Documents From the Krakow Ghetto #galicia

Jacob Heisler <jacob.heisler@...>

Hi everyone,

I recently found out the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum allows
you to order digitized copies of various documents and records related to
the Holocaust, some the Nazis made for the Krakow Ghetto. And since I
have several relatives who were in the Krakow Ghetto, I figured I should
get all the records and documents I can find to get a better sense of
those relatives and what their lives in the Ghetto was like. I got the first
batch of records today, and I plan on asking for more.

The only problem is I don't speak German, and a lot of the records are a
bit difficult to read for me to simply put on Google Translate. And since
I have too many records to really use ViewMate, I figured I'd go on here to
see if anyone would be willing to translate the various documents for me.

Please note that while I'm obviously interested in anyone who knows
German and would be willing to translate for me, I would also like
someone who has experience with records >from the Krakow Ghetto.
This isn't strictly required, just preferred.

If anyone didn't know the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
does this and is interested in finding their own records, here is a link.

Thank you for your time.

Jacob Heisler.
Rishon LeZion, Israel.

P.S. In case anyone was wondering, the families I'm researching are LUKS,
MAJ, and LANGER, and all are related to me via the MANNE family.

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