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Did you scan to the end of the ED which should have had the address you were searching for? You have to go through every sheet of the ED.
Standard practice for census enumerators was to return to an address if they had missed someone after they finished the ED. They recorded what they found near the end of the records.

Having said that, I can't find my maternal grandparents in the 1930 Census. I found them in Brooklyn on President St. in 1925 and at the same address in 1940. I looked through the entire 1930 ED and do not see that address. Sometimes addresses were missed in the Census.

The bad news for the 2020 Census is that they expect to miss 20% of the population because of the way they are doing the Census now. It was done by mail, online and maybe finally sometimes by an enumerator visiting the household. They also are asking for a minimum amount of information for each household resident. Nothing like the details they asked in 1920 or 1930.
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