Looking for tombstone to take pictures at Har Hazeitim cemetery, Mount Olives, Jerusalem, Israel #israel #photographs

Sharon Ann Dror

Is there anyone familiar with the cemetery in Jerusalem, Israel called Har Hazeitim cemetery, Mount Olives?

I am looking for two people: Yeshaya Leib Kivelewitz and his wife Shoshana Feige Reisel nee Greenberg Kivelewitz. A family member recalls them being buried around in the Lubavitcher section on the South side. I do not have the dates of their death. I would estimate they were born around 1865-1870. 

I dont have much information on the Greenberg family side.

I was told for years that Shoshana and Sonia are sisters. This is not possible because of their age difference.

I have Sonia's birth information: January 28, 1894 in Nova Alekandrovsk, Lithuania. 

According to Sonia’s marriage certificate, her father’s name is Mosche Greenberg and mother's name is Tauve Mesmik. . I am trying to get a picture of Shoshana Kivelewitz’s tombstone in Jerusalem, Israel to verify her father’s name on it to see if it matches with all the documents.
We also discovered new information that no one mentioned to me over the years and I didn’t find it in any newspapers. We knew that Sonia Greenberg married to Harry William Penn and they have two sons Arthur Penn and Irving Penn. I learned that she remarried in 1940 to Meyer Helfand so we were able to complete Sonia’s Family Tree. Thanks to the Facebook page of Jewish Genealogy group that gave me this missing puzzle piece! 

Shoshana and Yeshaya have 2 children: my grandfather Yechiel Michel Kivelewitz who was born in 1894 and died in 1961.  Yechiel has a sister Golda nee Kivelewitz Rothman who was born in 1900 and died in 1977. They both were born in Lubatch, Russia. Yechel is buried in Segula Cemetery, Petah Tikva. Golda is buried at Har Hazeitim.

This is a second marriage for Yeshaya with Shoshana. Yeshaya's first wife is Itta Edith and they have 3 children: Breina Kalowitz, David Yitzchak Kalowitz, Frayda Gittel nee Kivelewitz Dvorkas.

I have a DNA match with Dara on Ancestry - we never met each other and she knew about her grandfather Chaim Greenberg from her mother. Her mother is an only child and deceased. Chaim is also from Nova Alekandrovsk and born in 1875. His wife was Cecilia Feinberg. They settled in Philadelphia around the 1910's. Dara knows nothing about Chaim's Greenberg Family.

I SUSPECT that all 3 are siblings: Mosche, Chaim, and Shoshana. And Sonia and Chaim are first cousins. 

Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

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