Re: Geni Family Trees - Privacy and Baptism Concerns #general

Stephen Katz

I am in complete agreement with Dr. Blumsohn, and I share his chagrin at the offensive and disrespectful comments directed at him by a previous poster. Further, that previous poster's remarks that geni is the "best platform to combat" the propagation of errors, and is superior in that regard to other platforms such as Ancestry and My Heritage, posit an irrelevantĀ comparison. The issue is not whether geni is better than other platforms; it's whether it's advisable to put one's family tree on geni. His assertion that geni allows for the discovery and propagation of errors is belied by the actual experiences of several other posters to this thread, including me. Simply put, one who puts a tree on geni loses control over its contents.
Stephen KatzĀ 

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