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Marcel Apsel

Don’t forget that Jewish children from the 19th century onwards had gentile names for civilian authorities and Jewish names for internal Jewish communal use and for boys especially a necessary name needed to be called for a Thora blessing.

Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who did not have specific gentile names start to use them when immigrating to the US.  Examples who are not always the same:  Mordechai can become Max, Gittel can become Gussie, Rivka can become Rebecca, Rose,  Schmiel became Sam and the classical Sean Ferguson was originating from Russia with a family name something like Forgatson (don’t catch me if this name is a little bit different), but the ‘Shoyn fergessen’ – (I forgot) was a classical Jewish joke in the 1930s.

On the other hand it often happens that people had two different first names and we see this in the files of JRI-Poland where once a mother is called Malka, a second time Channa and another time Channa Malka.   And all 3 versions of those first names were used.  So I won’t wonder if that person would use the name Annie for Channa and Regina for Malka for different purposes in the US.


Marcel Apsel

Antwerpen, Belgium

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