Re: Searching for Spector Families #ukraine #usa



I have several matches on both Ancestry and FTDNA with the last names Spector and Landau. They appear to be 4th cousins so I don’t know where the connection is to me. They do appear to be on my father’s side.

i do have a friend whose last name is Spector and the guy who cleaned our carpets is a Landau. He’s from Israel. I don’t believe that either one has had their DNA done.

if you find out any more info I’d love to hear about it.

Ellen Slavin-Wilton Manors, Florida

Slavinsky-Russia, Pittsburgh, New York changed to Slavin
Shlomowitz- Lombardi
Gillman or Gellman- Russia
Macasey, Mokoshie changed to Goldstein- Minsk then NJ, NY
Weiss, Jacobowitz-Hungary

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