Re: Reclaim The Records is going after EVERY SINGLE DIGITIZED RECORD at the New York City Municipal Archives, to put them all online, for free public use #usa #records

Myrna Waters

How exciting and formidable.  Best of luck with all you do to prevent the unscrupulous from taking advantage.  The information is not theirs to control in this vile manner.  
I'd like to see the same thing happen with the New Jersey archives.  Many families were back and forth between NY & NJ and tracking them is not always easy.  Very few of the NJ archives are online.  
Myrna (Slatnick) Waters

Researching:  SLEPACK (or similar)Belarus/Bialystok area; SLATNICK/SLOTNIK (or similar) Minsk/Puchovichi area of Russia from 1905/1914 to NY & Newark,NJ and Canada;  KURZMANN Jaslo, Poland and Drohobych, Ukraine area (both formerly in what was the Galician area of Austria prior to WWI), KURTZMAN in NY/Bronx and NJ/Newark from 1905/1910, SADOWSKY (or similar) from Belarus area of Russia/Bialystok 19th century to Newark,NJ 1905 or after.

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