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Hi Michele,
The last name is Хитрянский, which corresponds to Khitryanskiy.  Letter "я" is different than letter "а" - a different letter and represents sound, that is close to word "yeah" or "yard" and is frequently transcribed as "ya".
You can use Google Translate to get it to pronounce the name correctly.  The trick is to type "Khitryanskiy" into the English language window on the left side, then select Russian as the translation language.  Then click on the speaker icon on the Russian side.  It pronounces it 2 different ways - normal and slowed down.

Here is a link directly to this translation:

The translation of the record on ViewMate said that the Russian language doesn't have letter H.  I don't know why I keep seeing this on JG, but that's not correct at all. Russian letter X corresponds to English language H, just like Russian letters Л and Д correspond to English language letters L and D, respectively.  It is literally in the record being translated.

Mike Vayser

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