Looking to hire a researcher to carry my BOBRICK family from Romania #romania

Alan Kania

My wife’s grandfather, Herman (Haim) BOBRICK was born 15 December 1887 in Calais, Beserabia. His wife, Rose (Ruhla or Rosela) BEIRIS was born approximately 1898 in Jasi (Iasi) Romania. Herman’s parents were Sahna BOBRICK and Frida VASERMAN. This is as far back as I can trace her family. I have the family pretty well discovered once Herman and Rose arrived in the United States, but the Romanian end of the family is something that I have not had the time to try and do on my own (I’m working on my two family lines from Poland and Lithuania, and my wife’s GRAZI side of the family that has made various places as their birthplaces (Cairo, Aleppo, and/or Turkey).

Herman had several siblings — Ben BOBRICK who was born in Bessarabia, Russia on 25 March 1894, according to immigration records. He married Esther “Mary” WEISS on 10 January 1920. Herman emigrated to the port of New York on 3 December 1907. Other siblings included Lewis BOBRICK and another gentleman that I assume was brought into the family - his name, according to the family, was Pete Goldberg (but I assumed was not a blood relative).

To help expedite the research, I would like to hire someone who can provide primary-source information about the BOBRICK family from Romania. Please contact me privately if you are experienced in locating primary-source documentation that can help me accurately continue building that branch of the family. My email is alankania@....

Alan Kania

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