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My grandfather changed the family name when they arrived in NYC post Anschluss, 1939.
I contacted the archives in NYC but they weren't helpful. Has anyone successfully found these records,
and if so what was to path to them?

Most of the immigrants did not bother to go through the legal process of name changes or did it as part of the naturalization. although this one is a little later in timeframe so he might have done a legal name change.

He could have filed with the City and that bureau still functions in Manhattan.  Problem is they have it organized by ledger books by date so you need those clues and the before and after names to really find people, especially if either or both were more frequently used names.

They could also have filed with the court and that is a separate record.

If they were doing a legal name change that required a notice in the newspaper as a paid advertisement.  A lot of those however were placed in the legal newspaper making it harder to find them today.  If you find the name change file there should be a copy of the newspaper notice since the courts required proof it had been done, ie that they were not hiding some debts, etc. You can try a newspaper search just in case they filed with one of the papers that has been digitized.

I would say start with their naturalization file because they might have documented their name change there.

Allan Jordan
New York


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