Rabbi Avraham ben Yehiel Michael Danzig, Chayei Adam - genealogical sources? #rabbinic #danzig #gdansk #germany #poland

Logan Kleinwaks

Regarding Rabbi Avraham ben Yehiel Michael Danzig, Chayei Adam, I would appreciate hearing from anyone knowledgeable about sources and their reliability concerning: his date of birth, possible whereabouts in 1773, names or other information about his mother and any siblings, and name of his father Yehiel Michael ben Samuel's mother (I have seen "Eidel" quoted, but do not know the source).

I ask because I noticed the following family in a 1773 census of the Danzig suburb of Langfuhr:

Michael Samuel, Galanterie
Chaie, wife
Abraham, son, age 18
Adel, daughter, age 20

I do not yet know the reliability of the ages in this document. After indexing this and other censuses, and comparing with other sources, we might have a better idea. There are definitely inconsistencies in ages in some other families, but more than that I can't say at the moment.

Thanks very much.

Logan Kleinwaks
JewishGen Research Director for Danzig/GdaƄsk
near Washington, D.C.

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