Re: ABRAMOWITZ to ABRAMS -Boston late 19th early 20th cent. #usa #names

Darlene Glenn

My maternal grandfather was Abramowitz and was born in a town near Boston around 1910. He had a number of brothers and some of them changed their names to Abrams, others Abbott.
His father Zalman Abramowitz immigrated from Jekabpils, Latvia with a number of his siblings in the late 19th century.  Some of whom who settled in Newport News, VA and Rhode Island.

Darlene Glenn
(Santa Ana, CA)
ABRAMOWITZ (Jekapils/Jacobstadt, Latvia) DANIS/DITINKA (Dombrowitza, Ukraine), FLOM (Dombrowitza, Ukraine) PRIMACK (Montchelek, Ukraine?) MANEKOFSKY (Drovnic, Ukraine) LATT (Jenishke, Lithuania)

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