Re: Viewmate Russian translation request #poland #names #translation


regarding the "kh" sound, I think every language has specific pronunciation, but nonetheless can be represented by the same letter.  Spanish "Jose", Scottish "loch", Chaim, Khytranskiy have a similar enough sound that is definitely pronounced differently by native speakers. Even within English speakers' pronunciation of this sound it varies based on the region - H-dropping, etc.

The transcription of the father's name in Viewmate is accurate, as the name is quite clear to read.  The Latinization of the name from Russian can be done differently, depending on the Latinization standard one chooses to follow.  For example, J in Polish (and some other languages) has a Y sound (yard), not J (as in John).
The father's name is Иосель - Iosel /Yosel (as in Yogurt).  According to Beider's index, this name is YOYSEF, which is different from Isaac/Itzko (ITSKHOK).  Yoel is YOYEL.

Mike Vayser

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