Cemetery in Geneva and death records #records

A. E. Jordan

Hoping someone can help with Swiss death records and cemetery.  
I am looking for the graves of the KAPLUN family in Geneva, Switzerland. I am not sure who from the family is there but I believe there are several family members who died from the 1960s and 1970s buried in the cemetery. 
What  I know of the family is the came from the Ukraine, went to Germany in the 1910s, Egypt in the 1930s, and ultimately to Switzerland after Word War II. 
I am looking for Adela Kaplun and her husband Boris and they had two sons Vladmir and Sioma. The sons ran a big printing business in Switzerland,
Boris is the one I need ultimately to track but he may have died in Egypt in the 1940s.
Any help or direction would be appreciated.
Allan Jordan
New York

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