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As I have said in another thread some time ago, I found evidence of my father's father's name change when looking at his birth certificate at the New York City Municipal Archives (he was born an American citizen in the Brownsville neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York -- so his birth certificate was a New York City certificate) -- information added after the name change  (I believe added using 1 or more hand stamps) was visible in the image of the Certificate.

As I said in that other post, I also found (via a legal notice from the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper (my grandfather was still living in Brooklyn at that time) announcing the official name change (although my grandfather seems to have used his original name for at least about 8 years after he got the name change legally approved [Shrug]).


I agree that if the person in question became a naturalized US citizen, the original name upon arrival should be findable in the naturalization documentation (and in the passenger manifest upon arrival in the US -- if you can find that).


Good Luck.

Ethan Kent (in New York City)
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