Re: Hidden children in Belgium - Polyclinique Chant d'Oiseau Woluwé #general


Dear Debbie Bloch:

Google pointed me toward this "centre médical" (= "medical center", at least approximately) in today's Woluwe-Saint Pierre in Belgium: ("Centre Médical du Chant d'Oiseau").

(The website is in French, and no email address is given under "Contact" -- but there is a street address given ("Avenue des Frères [with an accent-mark pointing toward the upper-left] Legrain 85, 1150 Bruxelles [= "Brussels"], and gives a telephone number.)

Perhaps someone who reads JewishGen discussions who lives in and/or has connections in the Brussels area could help you?

(And maybe added hashtags for "Belgium" -- and possibly for "Brussels" -- would help in calling attention to the location of the place you're interested in finding.)

Good Luck to you.


Ethan Kent (in New York City; no knowledge of relatives in/from Belgium, but I do read French)
ewkent@... .

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