KARITSKY in Vilnius #lithuania


I only recently discovered that my maternal gf's family came from Vilnius, not Russia as I had previously been told. My gf was the youngest of 3 siblings, all of whom came to the US somewhere between 1895 and 1900. I am unable to determine if their parents ever emigrated or if the siblings emigrated together. I only have Hebrew/Yiddish names for my great-grandparents. I got Shmuel KARITSKY from translating tombstones and intuited Perel KARITSKY based on the fact that each sibling had a daughter named Pauline or Pearl. Those children, along with Sam and Stanley who most likely were named for Shmuel, were all born in 1907 or later.

Is there any way I can use that information to find out more about these people? I've hit a wall.

Thank you,
Felice Bogus
Raleigh, NC

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