South Hills Hebrew Cemetery in York, Pennsylvania Assistance Request #usa #general

Aaron Slotnik


Does anyone know if there is an office or other contact information for burials at South Hills Hebrew Cemetery in York, Pennsylvania?  Neither Google nor Find-a-Grave seem to have a contact phone number.  I'm trying to find a Fannie Gottlieb (died Dec 17, 1950 in Philadelphia) whose death certificate says she was buried there; however, she is not in Find-a-Grave whereas her husband ( and other family members are there.  Per the death certificate, the funeral home seems to have been "Strack and Strine" but I can't find any information about them.  In particular, I'm trying to confirm her father's name and whether he was a Kohen.

If I don't have success here, my last option will be to post a request to Find-a-Grave.  Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL

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