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I think several explanations here are plausible.  My father, who was named Louis at birth in 1917, is listed as Lawrence in the 1920 census.  His last name was spelled incorrectly on his birth certificate as well.  He was actually called Larry the remainder of his life, but he had no idea why his name was changed. In 1930, he was already an orphan and lived with a relative, so he would have been counted in that household.  He had two older brothers who didn't necessarily live with the same relative.  No one had custody of them, so they moved around as they wished, more or less, or perhaps when one relative couldn't afford to keep them at the time.  It's also possible that a child was called by a Yiddish name at home and an Anglo name elsewhere.  That was true for my mother, who "adopted" her Yiddish name as a middle name after childhood.  It does not appear on her birth certificate.  The suggestion to check the 1925 census is a good one.  I found that the number of children my great-grandparents had changed on various censuses.  This might refer to births, not living children, or to children who died in infancy.  

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

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