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Stanley Diamond

For information on the Jewish records of Nasielsk, write to Nasielsk@...

For information on the Jewish records of any town in Poland and Galicia, write to [townname]

For an overview of JRI-Poland activity, see:

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

Lithuania and Poland records #lithuania #poland #records
From: Barbara & David Israel
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2020 15:42:18 EST

I am looking to research records for Vilna, Lithuania and Nasielsk, Poland for my family. 

Where would be the best place to connect with to see what vital records might be available 
for the 1800’s and earlier? Thank you for any help.

Barbara Fisher Israel

Tempe, AZ

Lithuania: Fischer/Fisher, Secondary names:Zwick, Becker, Levin

Poland: Cohen, Orlowski, Walegore, Perlmuter

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