Jocelyne Dumay from Paris #france #hungary

George Muenz

Hello, I am trying to figure out a way to track down Jocelyne Dumay who lives in Paris. My family was Munz un Hungary so perhaps there is a connection.


George Muenz

Despite of personal researches and some help of genners, I have not found
the origin of the name of my ggfather MERVAY, born in the 1867 or 1868 year,
name which is written on his marriage certificate in 1998.
His father's name was Lajos MUNZ (it seems to have an hungarian counsonance
for the first name and german for the name).
Some MERVAY lived in Hungary in the years 1890, and some nowadays but I have
no other contacts.
To-day, I do not know if I must search the name MERVAY or the name MUNZ. Can
someone give me an advice ? Thanks
George (Naftali) Muenz
Vancouver, Canada

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