Re: Lithuania SIG Vilnius household registers - 5,000 lines of new data available #lithuania

Amir Gur

Thanks sounds good.


1.  What's a good process to figure out more on the data we already see on our family?  We got specific questions on the history of our family members.  Questions on some data we're already seeing, if there are ways to clarify it.  And also we got some members we can't find at all. 
Is there a specific person you recommend to ask?  Or place all details on a work-ticket, or just a message on this board?

Our family is mostly have been in Vilnius and small towns around it.  One common the Soly shtetl. 

Our family name in the listing shows most commonly on jewishgen is Gordonovich.  But few variations exist.  One is Gordonowicz which seems like the Polish version.  Other variations include Gordonovitch, Gordonovitz. 
Some variations went further, to an extent it's not clear if they are at all related.  They could be still related since after searching a bit, it seems name-variations are very common.  One such further example is: Gardenvitz

2.  Is there a way to tell which data came from which Batch into the ALD?

Amir Gur (Gordonowicz)

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