Re: Jocelyne Dumay from Paris #hungary #france

Family and DNA

As David knows, in France/French, "Jocelyn" will be a man, & "Jocelyne" will be a woman, so this cannot be the correct person unfortunately.

Without knowing a husband's (last) name, it might be hard to find her, but there are not too many male Dumays in Paris in the "pages blanches" ( There's a 2004 post on Filae from Jocelyne asking about the Munz name, but it shows a last log-in in 2006. Google has just 1 person with that name often mentioned, a farmer not in Paris but worth a look. Since this is a living person I won't add more details here.

Good luck!

Juliana Berland
Rennes, France

On 11/6/2020 00:52, David Choukroun wrote:

Dear Georges,

can it be her : Jocelyn Dumay (1968-1993)




Juliana Berland (France)

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