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Russ Maurer

I am responding publicly as Amir's questions are of general interest.

Question 2 is simpler, so I'll do that first. To find the batch for a particular record, note the address (street and number). We have posted an alphabetical list of completed addresses with the corresponding batch number. It can be accessed from the VHR home page (, link is towards the bottom of the page. This list will be updated when each new batch is released. For your convenience, I am attaching the current list to this message.

For the first question, I am always happy to assist with understanding household register data. Please email me at vhrproject@.... As general advice, if one is trying to determine if people with the same (or similar) common name are related, it is a good idea to look at every possible source, not just the household registers. For Vilnius in the interwar period, there are passport applications, marriage and death records, and a birth index (the full birth records are still under privacy protection). All but the birth index are already in the ALD.

If you make a qualifying contribution to the VHR project, you can obtain a batch of your choosing in the form of a spreadsheet. You may then be able to discover further information such as the names of other people in the same apartment as your relatives, which can also help in your research. If you are not already familiar with the (free) batch previews document, definitely look at that to find which batches include your surnames (including batches not yet added to the ALD). This link will immediately download the previews document to your computer:

Russ Maurer
VHR project coordinator

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