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Tony Hausner

I am very grateful to Racheli Kreisberg for all her work on the Skala Cadastral Map. Very useful. Good luck on the Korolowka  project 

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I have not had any response to my request for volunteers for this new project. Please consider it. One task should take no more than about 10 minutes:


Racheli Kreisberg has been developing an amazing house number mapping project for 15 years. Towns she has worked one include Skala Podoskaya:


& Nadworna. We are embarking on a Korolowka (Oliyevo-Koralivka, Ukraine - 13 miles from Skala-Podilska, Ukraine; 12 miles from Melnytsya-Podilska, Ukraine - a number of families moved back and forth - as noted in the index) house mapping project since we have the cadastral and land-owner records and a school student index. We are requesting one or two volunteers for this.


On the cadastral map is a listing of 130 plots with surnames filled in for approximately 100 of them. This simple indexing would just create a simple spreadsheet with those house numbers and those surnamed. We have a template and it would likely take about 10 minutes.


The next step would be to attempt to connect the student index, which contains student and their parents and a sequence number to a house number from the first index above and adding that house number column and filling it in, where possible.



Max Heffler

Houston, TX

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