Searching for marriage of my grandparents, Max and Anna Slonimsky, c. 1905 #records


I have never been able to find the marriage of my grandparents.  Max (Mordche) Slonimsky emigrated to America from Russia (Belarus) to NYC in 1897.  He married Anna (Chana) Passin (?) some time before 1907, when my eldest uncle was born.  There is no record of their marriage at the NY Municipal Archives, though there is a record of her second marriage.  I have not found her passage to the states either.  He died in 1917 and she in 1927.  She was naturalized with her second husband but Max was not naturalized.  

While I realize they could have been marriage by proxy before she traveled to this country, I have no proof of that or any information on how they came together though they came from different cities, she from Vilnius, he from  Lechowitz (Lyakhovichi).  Any suggestions on paths to pursue would be very welcome.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

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