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Daniella Alyagon

Could you please explain the method of using this site?

Are scans uploaded to other archive portal in Ukraine as well?


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While reviewing the new Beta-testing website of the Ukrainian State Archives (English language version at, I discovered that the archives has been digitizing records for at least the past year, and posting scans of records to the various websites of the regional archives branches.  I hadn't heard anything about this before, and so spent some time reviewing the digitized materials at various regional branch websites.

I found that most of the items of Jewish records that the archives has digitized so far duplicate things that Alex Krakovsky has digitized.  (Alex's website can be found at the following Tiny URL link:  The Ukraine SIG is hard at work translating the records that Alex has posted to the internet.  Alex's digitized records include most, but not all, of the Jewish births, marriages and deaths for Kiev city.  I found that the Central State Archives of Ukraine in Kiev has digitized most of the remaining Jewish birth, marriage records that Alex had not yet digitized through 1901, and that these can be found at their website.  The list of what they have digitized in Kiev city Jewish vitals is at  Alex's list of Kiev Jewish vital records is at

Comparing what has been digitized on each site, it appears that the Ukraine archives has the following digitized records that Alex has not digitized yet:

Kiev Jewish births - 1875
Kiev Jewish births - 1879
Kiev Jewish births - 1884
Kiev Jewish births - 1885
Kiev Jewish births - 1886

Kiev Jewish marriages - 1877-1878

Kiev Jewish deaths - 1875-1876
Kiev Jewish deaths - 1877-1878
Kiev Jewish deaths - 1882
Kiev Jewish deaths - 1887
Kiev Jewish deaths - 1891
Kiev Jewish deaths - 1892
Kiev Jewish deaths - 1893
Kiev Jewish deaths - 1895

A couple of notes should be made about these files.  First, the Ukraine State Archives website uses different "delo" or "sprava" numbers (item numbers) to identify each file.  The fond (1164) and opis (1) numbers are the same.  When comparing books that both Alex and the archives digitized, however, it is clear that they are the exact same books, and not different copies of the books.  The logical conclusion is that archives must have renumbered the items in fond 1164, opis 1 between the time that Alex did his scans and the time the archives did its own scans.  Therefore, the books on the archives website have different "sprava" numbers than the books in Alex's list.

Second, there are differences in the way the books were scanned on the website.  Alex did most of his scans in color, while the archives scans are in black & white.  Also, Alex photographed both facing pages of the books together in one image (the Russian and Hebrew pages of the same records), while the archives scanned the Russian and Hebrew pages separately, so there are two images for each set of facing pages.  

Finally, the archives scans are accessed on a page by page basis, unlike Alex's files, which can be downloaded as a complete PDF file for the entire year.  

Those differences noted, it is obviously of great value to Jewish genealogists to have these additional records online and accessible to everyone.  I found a number of my own relatives in the additional years noted above.  The images can be freely downloaded if you find records of interest.  The Ukraine SIG has been notified of these additional online records, and will probably try to find a way to download and image these records as well as Alex Krakovsky's scans.  

I will try to post some additional files I found on the various websites of the Ukrainian State Archives branches that are things that Alex Krakovsky did not scan.  As noted, most of the Jewish files the archives has digitized are things that Alex also digitized, but there some other additions, as well.

Ted Gostin
Sherman Oaks, CA

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