Re: Ukrainian State Archives digitization project - Kiev city Jewish births, marriages & deaths #ukraine #russia

Gary Pokrassa

Chuck Weinstein put me in touch with Ted a few days ago - I want to thank Ted for his research and finding this information - we have been in contact discussing these - and yes while they duplicate many of the files already posted by Alex K they do fill in several gaps not scanned by Alex - and as Ted points out they are B&W scans of lesser quality than Alex's and also what they have posted are single page images - so the UKR Research Division of JG will definitely process these into our files but we need to figure out a more efficient way to handle these single page files.   Again kudos to Ted for this very valuable information.

It would definitely appear that at least some of the UKR archives are beginning to thaw out in their frosty attitude toward posting online scans of their records.  
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

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