Re: Keller family in Radomysl and Tarnow #poland #galicia


My wife's uncle was the late Rabbi Aaron Keller, the Chief Rabbi of Nahariya (his son-in-law Rabbi Meitless is the current rabbi there, and his son Rabbi Michael Keller lives in Naot - Jerusalem). He was born 28 April 1909.
His older brother Isaak and younger sister Perla (Peppy), married to Jozef van Rijk, lived in Amsterdam. Isaak was born 11 June 1901 in Radomysl and Peppy 23 Oct 1913 also in Radomsyl. As such I presume Uncle Aaron was too.
Their parents were Meir Keller and Golda Wein. The latter came from Radomsyl.
On Geni there are a few more siblings mentioned. Those with a dod on geni were killed in the Holocaust. Yechiel Mechel is not mentioned on their tree as far as I can see

Nachum Aronson
Manchester UK

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