Re: Seeking feedback re: conflicting surnames (GORDON, COHEN, SEBULSKY) and (JAFFE, SINGER, STRAUSE) #names

Tracy Fish

Hi Michele,
Thanks for your suggestions.

Re: your first question: What other evidence to you have from records that Mary Gordon and Jennie Gordon are sisters? Do their ages closely match what you have from census records, etc? 
I know for fact Mary Gordon and Jennie Gordon are sisters. Mary Jaffe nee. Gordon had 6 children and Jennie had 4 children. One of Mary's daughter's married one of Jennie's sons. My grandmother was very close to this family and I have photos of most of them. Unfortunately, the family dwindled and there aren't really any descendants left/people I can ask.

Re: your second question: Marriage and death records for Isaac Jaffe - is there evidence that these are the same Isaac Jaffe? Do their ages in the records match up? Do their addresses (obtained from the record images) match up?
Yes these records/ages/addresses all match up. Also in all instances for these records, the father's names are all consistent and match the names on the headstones. The addresses are also consistent with the census records, the jobs and the cemetery that's mentioned on the death certificate. Which growing up I would often visit the cemetery where many of them are buried.

Abridged summary of records:

Records I currently have for my 2XGG Israel/Issac JAFFE, son of Bloome STRAUSE/Rivka SINGER :
-Marriage certificate
-Death certificate
-Census Records
-Will and Probate
-Index to Petitions for Naturalization
-Israel Jaffe arrived in the U.S. ~1890 at ~13-15 years old. I haven't been able to find his passenger list record.

Records I have for my 2XGG Mary Jaffe nee. GORDON:
-Marriage Record
-Census Records
-Death/Death Index
-I have not been able to find her passenger list record

Records I have for my 3XGAunt Jennie Fleischer nee. GORDON
-Census Records
-Buried at Mt. Judah Cemetery *I have not seen her headstone and curious what her hebrew name is written as
-Marriage Index
-Death Index
-I have not been able to find her passenger list record

Records I have for my 3XG Aunt Esther Tucker nee. GORDON
-Census Records
-JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry
-She is mentioned on her husband Jacob TUCKER's State and Federal Naturalization Records. On his draft records it says he is from Ekaterinoslav. I have not been able to find their passenger list records, however I believe they were married prior to the U.S.

Mary, Jennie, and Esther's father Aaron GORDON immigrated to the U.S. His census records all say Widowed, so I believe Esther Cohen/Sebulsky did not come to the U.S. I also have Aaron's death certificate. He was never naturalized and I could not find his passenger list record.

I have all this in my tree on Ancestry. Wish I could just fill in the gaps to make sense of these conflicting names.

Tracy Fish

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