President's Presentation At Gesher Galicia Membership Meeting - With Links #galicia #announcements #events

Steven Turner

Dear Friends.
We thank all those who attended our membership meeting. We had a great turnout. Unfortunately I had a technical hiccup with my laptop and my headset although in the rehearsal a few minutes earlier all was fine. At the start of the meeting it was not functioning and I therefore had to use my computer microphone which unfortunately garbled my voice during the President's presentation. It was very upsetting but I could not do anything about it at the time.
I was asked if I could post my remarks. You can find them here
Some links
Twitter @GesherGalicia
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Info line - info@...
We will upload the recording of this meeting to our YouTube channel and will announce when that is ready.
Thank you for attending and thank you for your support.
Dr. Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia

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