Re: Geni Family Trees - Privacy and Baptism Concerns #general

Jeffrey Herrmann

I am surprised that no one has responded to this statement by one of the people posting in this thread:
 A number of posters have written about "putting their family tree on Geni".  With no disrespect, I believe that's a nonsense, a contradiction in terms.  Geni does not admit of posting one's own family tree: as others have pointed out, its entire driving force is that it is a collaborative website, and in my experience uploading an individual tree, for instance via Gedcom, does not work and was never designed to work.  
I posted my own family tree on Geni several years ago and it is still there.  It is not “a nonsense” to speak of putting one’s family tree on Geni.  Indeed, many of us have done so.
Jeffrey Herrmann
London, UK

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