Re: Privacy and Baptism Concerns #general

Jack de Lowe



Regarding the concerns expressed by Bill Katz (see the above link) about of the LDS Church and their pernicious interest in Jews (especially dead Jews), this is a very long story of broken promises by the Mormons (see: The LDS Church collects every record they can find on Jewish genealogy from around the world and they make this information available to all without charge and encourage people to add information to the Jewish family trees they have.


Ernest Michel was my cousin, an Auschwitz survivor, the former professional director of the Jewish Federation of Manhattan (the largest Federation in the United States) and the founder and head of the Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. While working on his own family tree, he discovered that the Mormon Church had posthumously converted his own parents who were both murdered during the Shoah. He met on more than one occasion with the then head of the LDS Church and received very explicit promises to not only cease this practice, but to also correct any and all such changes that the LDS Church had done. The LDS Church did not follow through on any of these promises and to this day, continue with this disgusting practice. They have never made clear why they do this, but they seem to have an abnormal interest in Jews and one can only speculate where this interest has led them.


I would urge all Jewish genealogists to refrain from accessing all websites associated with the LDS Church and to not provide them with any information on your family trees.


Jack de Lowe

Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Israel




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