Offering photos Mt Judah Cemetery, Queens NY #usa

A. E. Jordan

I am going to make a visit at some point (maybe Sunday) to Mt Judah Cemetery in Ridgewood, Queens, NY and as before I would be happy to try to do photos.
If you are interested I need the names and exact details, dates and if you have the exact location. The cemetery has a searchable database which is better to use than the sites like Find a Grave.
Please no generic requests for Uncle Moshie who might be somewhere ...... also please don't take all 100 Moshie Cohens and ask me to photograph them all just in case one is the right one you need.
I am pretty good at finding graves but it is large cemetery with two distinct sections on opposite sides of a main road. I have not called to see if the office is even open to the public which might limit my capabilities too.
It is not mandatory but a few dollars is always appreciated to help offset the costs of doing this for everyone. Unfortunately the costs add up on the gasoline, etc. plus I had to go invest in a new camera to keep doing this.
Visits are weather dependent this time of year and stop if and when the snow starts to come down. Right now the challenge is mostly leaves and cold air temperatures.
Also happy to answer questions via email.
Allan Jordan
New York

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