Jews in Brittany in the Middle Ages #france #records

Sue Nusbaum

I am descended from Les Juiffs in Saint Malo in the 1400 and 1500s. 

Olive LeJuiff, 1520-1570

Guyonne Derrien, 1503- ? who married Jehan LeJuiff, Sieur de Champedavoine, an attorney, ordinary judge of the court of Saint Malo and lieutenant of M. the constable of Saint Malo, 1500-1555.

Gilles (William) Le Juif, 1480-1522, who married Joan Seaman, 1475-1507.

Jean LeJuif, a farmer in 1462 who paid taxes mentioned in the Archives des Cotes du Norde, 568. 

Guilaume Le Juif, age 40 in 1467 (William Bibye Bibte, 1420-1502?)

I am trying to trace this family line further back, and to find more information about them. 

At some point, the Le Juiff family converted from Judaism to Catholicism. When? Where? Why?

How long had the family lived in the Saint Malo area? Was there a synagogue? Jewish burial ground? Were they hidden Jews, Marranos from Portugal?

I hope you can help me answer these questions.

Suzanne King Nusbaum

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