Polish death certificates 1919 #galicia

Jessica Skippon <jskippon@...>

A year or two ago there was mention of Poland changing the rule about
death certificates being closed for 100 years. Today I have done a
general search but found nothing to indicate this has happened.

My great-grandmother, Fani BIRN died 16th March 1919, but the place is
unknown. I haven't found her birth (BORGER) or either marriage
(SCHANZER or BIRN) but she lived most of her life in Andrychau and
Bielsko Biala. Several years ago I checked both record offices but came
up empty-handed. (Perhaps this was due to the 100 year rule, but the
person with me didn't say that was the reason). My mother and uncle
both said they'd never heard that she lived anywhere else. But she is
not buried in the Jewish cemeteries in Bielsko or Andrychau, where I
have personally searched. A second Jewish cemetery in Bielsko was
cleared after WWII to build a housing estate.

Two sons lived in Berlin, but but she did not show up on the Berlin index.

A daughter, Babette JACHZEL lived for a while in Gilowice , and then
perhaps moved to Mistelbach, Austria, where her sons were. Fani is not
buried in the Jewish cemetery there.

She was a widow after her first marriage to Raphael BIRN, then she
married Viktor SCHANZER and they divorced within four years. She r
everted to using BIRN and there is no evidence of her using any other

So it seems back to waiting for the 100 years to pass (2020, I guess).
Does anyone know differently, or can suggest another avenue?

Jessica Skippon
London, England

searching in Galicia: SCHANZER, BORGER, BIRN, JACHZEL,

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