Re: Looking for Pesach LANGSAM connection to my LANGSAM branch #galicia #dna #names

Adam Cherson

Dear Moishe,

I appreciate this fine tuning of the analysis.

Since R' Langsam lived circa 1748-1820, and my estimated formation time of FGC56704 is between 715 CE and 952 CE, it is likely that any yDNA descendants of R' Langsam would be in the FGC65704 group, or some as of yet UNKNOWN SUB-GROUP of FGC65704. A terminal reading of FGC65704 would be a strong indicator of a common yDNA ancestor, while a TERMINAL BY80 (and above), impyling a finding of FGC65704(-), would suggest non-descent from R' Langsam. Non-terminal readings of BY80 or above would require additional testing to confirm FGC657074(+) status.

As you say, additional Y700 testing of any confirmed or suspected R' Langsam patriline descendants would be useful in verifying the signature.

For the sake of public awareness I add that using the GENI platform it is theoretically possible to find and then contact current yDNA descendants of any person on the tree (I have not specifically examined the R' Langsam possibilities in this regard). This would be a way for anyone to pursue verification of the signature.

Adam Cherson

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