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Livingstone Ave is a nice address. I grew up in Pymble not knowing I was Jewish. I think it might have been common and not a rejection of faith but making a new start after the war years, so it is possible these people did not practice either.

A current search of the Australian telephone directory does not list any Raubitschek variations, but with people less likely to connect a landline today due to ease of mobile phone usage and constant scam phone calls to landlines this is not surprising.

I note that Ernst Raubitschek was awarded his Bachelor of Dentistry from Sydney Uni in 1943. If there were no delays in his education you'd expect him to be around 24-28yrs(?) of age, so born around 1916-1920. Does this fit with your research timeline? In 1954 there was also a Renate Raubitschek dentistry graduate from Sydney uni.

I found this in a list of publications by Jewish dentists - Jewish dentists - מרחב - הספריה הלאומית
Ernst Raubitschek (dentist) wrote a book that was published in 2009 titled; "By train to Dachau" The editor is Renate Yates. This suggests to me Yates is a married name of Renate Raubitschek and Ernst and Renate are related. Publisher is Sydney Jewish Museum if you want to explore this possibility.

Update ... Renate Yates (b. 1933) is daughter of Ersnt
(1896–1971) & Fritzi (1901–1997) Raubitschek originally from Vienna. She ditched dentistry and is now a crime writer. Works By Renate Yates This should provide a lead to follow.
She can be contacted on Linkedin.


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