Advanced question on family name adoption lists in Baden #germany #records


For many years, I have used extensively the name adoption lists in Baden for my research.    A great resource for Baden researchers are the files created by Berthold Rosenthal available online at the Center for Jewish History.   The part of his collection containing the name adoption lists is here:

In these files, depending on the town there may be:
1.  Lists of names from enumerations before names were adopted towards the beginning of the 19th century.
2.  Lists of names of heads of households at the moment of the name adoption with the new family name:  e.g. Samuel Judel = Samuel Emmerich
3.  Lists of names of individuals with their new names,  including other family members.    These are the most rich in information and usually have the ages of all the individuals and frequently the birthdates as well.     As such, these files seem to represent the most easily accessible (online) resources for "census" type information and 18th century birthdates previous to the 19th century "Matrikel" files that are available online (from the Baden archives or Familysearch) and usually start around 1810.

Does anyone know about the original sources that Rosenthal used to create his lists and whether/how those sources can be accessed?

Thanks very much,
Jeff Sugarman

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