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Hi Lorraine

If your ancestors came from East Prussia or Berlin they were most probably in the Prussian army, so no service records survived.
The place mentionned in the "Lists o Losses" in most cases is the place of birth, but sometimes it is the place where he lived.
Sometimes there is also mentionned the date of birth (but often without the year).

You can only search in the service records of the Baden army and the Württemberg army if you know which unit (regiment and company) he belonged to.
The service records of the Baden army and the ones of the Württemberg army could be found on two different archives websites.

This is for the Baden army: Kriegsstammrollen 1914-1918, Kriegsformationen

This is for the Württemberg army: Militärische Bestände 1871 - ca 1920, Kriegsstammrollen

As far as I know for a Jewish man it was impossible to reach a rank as high as major, lieutenant colonel or full colonel. 
Also a man with such a high rank would have been awarded with much more than only two or three medals.


Corinne Iten

I looked at the Wurttemberg archive website and there was some information though I did not find a searchable database. 

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