Son of Jeno Weisz emigrated to Israel, Be'er Sheva from Hungary in 1956/7 #hungary #israel

Emma Cole

I am looking for a 2nd cousin on my father's paternal side, born around the early 1940s in Budapest. His father Jeno is recorded as having died in Ebensee in April 1945. Jeno's wife was Malvina Paneth. I was told recently that their son (I don't know his name unfortunately) emigrated to Be'er Sheva in 1956/7, then returned to Hungary in about 1960. I would really love to find him. Does anyone know how I might be able to trace his journey to Israel, or any evidence of his living in Israel so that I can establish his name and then maybe could find him back in Hungary. Any help would be so hugely appreciated.
Many thanks, Emma Cole

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