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I have been doing some research to come up with the area/place one of my ancestors is from but I seem to be getting conflicting places in my research. The census data for the birthplace of one of my ancestors varies tremendously. The following places are listed as birthplaces of the same ancestor on various census': Russia, Poland-Russia, Germany, Lithuania (Russia-Kovna). I know a bit of history about western Russia and that the Kovno Gubernia bordered Prussia/Germany, Poland (Suwalki), and other, various gubernias. Prussia/Germany and Suwalki (Congress Poland) are particularly of interest to me because Germany, Poland, Russia, Kovna, and Lithuania were all stated on various documents and census' pertaining to my ancestor. My ancestor's name is Moses Caplan and his only known sibling is Catherine/Kate Caplan Wolf(e). Parents unknown and immigration documents found.

Any information, thoughts, or suggestions as to what I should make of this information would be greatly appreciated!

Matthew Levine
New Jersey

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